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Botox injection

With aging of the skin, wrinkles appear in the skin over the cheeks, in the front forehead area, in the neck and jaw line, and on the sides of the eyes. The reason is that the collagen tissue and the healthy elasticity of the skin have been damaged over the years. In addition, exposure to sunlight leads to accumulated damage to the skin tissue. Botox injection aims to prevent the contraction of the muscles (facial expressions) that cause wrinkles.

Preparing for the operation

Before performing the Botox injection, there is a need for a preliminary meeting, during which the doctor will agree with the patient on the area to be treated, according to the type of skin, thickness, texture, amount of wrinkles and the patient’s desire. Usually no additional prior checks are required. The injection is performed under local anesthesia with an ointment, or sometimes without the need for anesthesia.

Patients who are taking medicines, especially aspirin or other anti-inflammatory drugs, should inform the doctor.

They may be asked to stop taking these medications for a certain period before the botox injection.